What are friends for?

20160915_184928 (My best friends and me)

We know that we love our best friends, but getting caught up in stress from school and other areas of our lives makes it easy to take for granted how truly incredible our best friends are. Here are a few reminders of all the great things our girls do for us!

  1. They are the most enthusiastic about you- Good news never goes without a good jump and excited giggle with your best friends. They are always there to cheer you on!
  2. They love to hear about you-  Your best friends never get tired of even the most minute of your thoughts and daily details. They care about you 24/7, and are always there for you when you need to talk. Just think of Leslie and Ann from Parks and Rec!
  3. Your girlfriends are a constant source of feminine feminism- Any time you need it, your best friends provide an environment of female empowerment. You stick together, and stand  up for your fellow ladies- a sacred bond your best friends will never break!
  4. No one can match how crazy they are about you- Feeling down? Feeling like your new haircut is just a little too 1986, instead of 2016? Never fear! Your best friends are always there to shower you in a waterfall of all the great things about you. Having that kind of source for validation and constant support is vital for making sure we keep from getting lonely- and your girlfriends are there to make sure you know how great you are!
  5. Your best friends just get you- From the sleepovers in fourth grade to the teenaged coffee dates, girlfriends have seen you through it all. They know what makes you tick, and they love you for it. Those close, deep relationships in which you feel understood are indispensable for making sure you stay happy. Thank your best friends for being the peas in your pod!

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