National Equal Pay Day

This past Tuesday, April 12, was National Equal Pay Day. This is the day that marks how far into the new year a woman had to work to earn as much as a male counterpart in the previous year. Women all around the United States on Tuesday came together at events marking Equal Pay Day, calling for equality, and remembering how Susan B. Anthony began fighting for equal pay between the sexes in 1868.

The most recent statistic shows women make $0.79 for every one dollar that a man makes for the same amount of work at the same job. My question is WHY? Eileen Patten writes about a Pew Research Center survey that suggests women are interrupting their careers to care for their families, which can have an impact on earnings. The same survey notes that part of the pay gap may also be due to gender discrimination.

The good news is that we young women have the power to change this. Awareness is the first step. But do you know how this affects women, why it affects women and how we can achieve paycheck equality?

What will you do about the issue of unequal pay between men and women?

Here are some links to resources I found helpful in understanding the gender pay gap:

Pew Research Center survey:

John Green explaining the details of the gender pay gap:

The truth about some common thoughts on the gender pay gap:

A guide to understanding the gender pay gap:

Discussing paid work versus unpaid work:

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