Inspiring Woman of the Month: Emily May


(Emily May- Photo courtesy of Hollaback!)

There is an epidemic in our society, in which young women do not know just how many resources and other independent ladies are out there. To further educate myself, and my fellow strong girls, I have decided that each month I will post a profile of a truly inspiring woman.

This first Inspirational Woman of the Month is someone who has begun a new, creative drive in feminism of today: Emily May of Hollaback!, an anti-street harassment blog and movement.

Street harassment is something that has been frowned upon, but it was not until Emily May’s empowering program that it was seen as what it is, rather than just a mildly crude interaction: discrimination. May explains the seriously harmful effects of street harassment on women, girls, and LGBTQ individuals, and just how key to gender equality ending street harassment is. (I think we can all agree that as much as one can love kittens, cat-calling is beyond demeaning.)

Emily May has earned many a recognition for her inspiring efforts. Time Magazine named her a “GameChanger” in 2011, and in 2012 was referred to by the Huffington Post as one of 20 women “leading the way.” She has regularly spoken at such prestigious universities as Duke, and the University of California at Berkeley, and at conferences like Standford Women’s Leadership Conference, and UN Safe Cities Conference in Egypt. Emily has also been featured on many news outlets such as the BBC and New York Times (links to these features can be found on my Resources page!).

Emily May is a true hero in today’s feminism. Her unique and effective approach in eliminating discrimination is something we can all learn from! To read more about Emily’s amazing Hollaback! and other achievements, go to Learn about how you can get involved!

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