How To Stay Busy in the Summer

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During the school year,  we have far too few lazy days to can catch up on sleep, finish that Jane Austen book, or spend hours watching Gilmore Girls. Now that summer is here, it’s tempting to make EVERY day a lazy day! But as nice as a little relaxation is here and there, it’s vital to stay busy and productive during the summer, not only to keep yourself from getting bored, but also to take advantage of all the time off from school, and squeeze-in some new adventures and experiences. I recently talked about some ways to make the most of the summer on WSRQ-FM.

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Some of the highlights I talk about:

  1. Volunteer- The summers are a great time to get in those community service hours for school, but more than that, volunteering is an incredible experience. There are probably many opportunities in your area that will appeal to you. For some, it is helping out at the animal shelter, for others (like me), it is mentoring at organizations like Girls’ Inc. In addition to providing you with new experiences, volunteering gives you the great feeling of satisfaction that comes with helping others.
  2. Get a job– Summertime is also a great chance to earn some extra cash and start saving for college. Not only does a job earn you some money, but it also gives you work experience, which looks great on transcripts!
  3. Find a new hobby– Whether it’s photography, jogging, or blogging, trying out a new pastime will give you the benefits of exposing yourself to new things, and help you discover a new passion.
  4. Take a class– We don’t often get to choose our classes in school, and sometimes that may leave us feeling that learning is not fun as much as it is an ordeal. Taking a summer class in a subject that really inspires you, be it painting or history, is a great way to spend the vacation.
  5. See your friends– While this may seem obvious, it is easy to get busy with summer activities or fall into a pattern of just lying around the house alone. To keep yourself from getting lonely, make sure you schedule some time with friends. Go have lunch, or include them in your summer activities. Take a photography class together, or volunteer at the same organization. It will make whatever you choose to do this summer infinitely more fun!

So what are you doing this summer? Feel free to share!

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