GPA Stress

The prospect of having less than a 4.0 GPA is anxiety-inducing for high-school students everywhere, and I am no exception. Anything below an A seems to ruin all chance of scholarships and Ivy League acceptances in the future. However, it is important to realize one or two or three Bs in high school is not the end.

I can think of big reasons for this:

  • For our own sanity, we must understand that getting Bs is not failing; and as long as you worked hard for it, you should be proud of whatever grade you receive.
  • While grades and scores are still key factors on a college application, the 4.0-or-bust mentality that festers among high-school students today is unhealthy and unnecessary. I recently got in touch with Jessica Hunt, the Assistant Director of Honors and Scholarships at the University of Georgia. She told me in an email that “many factors contribute to the application – test scores, essays, letters of recommendation, leadership/service/extra-curriculars, etc. – and a B or two in a subject that is not in your main area of academic interest is not going to tank your chances at all.”

It’s summer now, so we have a few months of relaxation. When school starts again in the fall, however, make sure you remember that a few Bs or even Cs in high school will not keep you from pursuing higher education.

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