Campaigning Day One


Today I began volunteering for the Clinton campaign. Amidst the Styrofoam cups of coffee, Hillary Clinton buttons, and tables filled with fellow volunteers, I sat with my cheek pressed to a telephone. They gave me a list of Democrats in my area to call, and try to recruit to canvass and help register voters. To me, participating in the political process, even in such small ways as working in a phone bank, is what makes our nation great. That being said, it is obvious that every time I was brutally rebuffed by someone on the other end of the phone, I grew a little more worried.

It is a privilege to be able to vote, especially in an election so important as the one coming up this November. Your vote does matter. And volunteering to help the candidate of your choice (who hopefully is Hillary Clinton) is something that is invaluable not only to the candidate, but also to the United States. It is important who is elected, and it is important that you care. Respect the opinions of others, but make sure to have and voice your own.

I will be sure to have good stories from my time volunteering for Hillary Clinton, and I will share them with you as they come!

Clinton-Kaine 2016!

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