About Inspiring Alexa

Fashion is art we can live life in. We can use it to express ourselves, to build communities around a trend while simultaneously showing the world what is unique about us as individuals. That inspires me.

Fashion, like art, reflects society. Western feminist movements can be tracked in hemlines, and increasingly androgynous styles reflect the increasing acceptance of gender fluidity in Western culture. That inspires me.

But fashion is more than clothing or art. It is the garment workers and international trade and natural resources that allow it to exist. And though often forgotten, fashion is a story of economic imperialism, unsustainable practices, and human rights violations. But the inspiration I have found in the fashion industry give me hope that these are problems that can be fixed, no matter how insurmountable or devastating they may seem.

My name is Alexa, and I am a high school student inspired to make a change in this industry. I will use this blog to explore what fashion is, what beauty is, what fashion means for an individual and a culture, and how we can right fashion’s wrongs as inspired consumers.