About Inspiring Alexa



What inspires you? Is it the accomplishments of your mom, Michelle Obama or Jane Austen? Is it a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, or is it the place where you volunteer?

Young women of today are ambitious. We have hopes and dreams, all different and all incredible. For some it is founding a non-profit organization. For others, it’s writing the next great piece of literature, or curing cancer. Whatever the goal, young women have the opportunities to realize these dreams and change the world.

My name is Alexa, and I am a high school student now bitten with the same my-future-is-coming-up-fast bug as the rest of teenage America. My goal is to become a corporate attorney and eventually open my own firm.

I have created this blog to share what inspires and influences me: The achievements of women who have paved the way for our goals to become a reality, advice on how to make the most of our high school experiences, and anything else that inspires me to pursue my dreams. Maybe this inspiration will help fuel your dreams, too!