5 Tips for Empowering Girls


Too often, adolescent girls feel powerless. That may be because our parents do everything for us, or because we just haven’t taken our first steps toward independence. But there are plenty of ways we can become more empowered, confident, and independent. Here are 5 tips for empowering girls!

  1. Become a mentor or a tutor. Many schools have programs enabling you to become a mentor or tutor, so find out if yours does. Take advantage of that opportunity, because it’s not only is a great way to build confidence, it’s also a great way to spread this message of female empowerment!
  2. Take control of what you can. Independence is pretty new to most adolescents. While it is still limited by school and parents, controlling what you can–like your weight, your clothes, and your time–builds the confidence necessary for the upcoming surge of independence.
  3. Join or start a girl empowerment group in your community or school. Most schools have some sort of organized feminist community, such as Girls Who Code, allowing girls to get together and empower each other. Join! It is a great way to get involved in the movement for strong women. If your school doesn’t have that kind of group, why not start it? You could help inspire yourself, and your fellow girls!
  4. Become a leader at school. Besides the group for girls, join other kinds clubs that expose you to new people and experiences, where you can become a leader, or learn leadership skills.
  5. Validate from within. Historically, culturally, women have been valued primarily for their appearance. This kind of superficial mentality has created an environment for young women in which they feel constantly scrutinized and insecure. What you have to remember is that the presence of beauty or intelligence in one girl does not indicate a lack of your own beauty or intelligence. If you see a classmate who you think is just great, validate yourself by thinking, “And I’m great, too.” More than one girl can be pretty, more than one girl can be smart, more than one girl can be great. Build yourself up. You can do it!

You can hear more tips for empowering girls in this segment from my recent appearance on the radio! My part starts at :48 seconds into the segment, if you want to skip ahead!

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