Inspiration from Tim Kaine


(Photo courtesy of Slate)

For the past few weeks I have been working with the Clinton campaign in my area. Through many styrofoam cups of coffee, frantic printing of local Clinton event schedules, and a passion to see Hillary in the Oval Office, I have learned an immense amount about the election process.

And as much as Hillary has inspired me as a person, what with her policies and resilience and all, it was not until today that I felt as though I had found my path.

And for that I can thank Tim Kaine.

He came to my area for a rally, and having been volunteering with the Clinton campaign, I was assigned to help run the rally- I even got a badge. While my duties really just included directing people where to sit, being a part of this bigger machine of politics, a part of something so important as Clinton-Kaine 2016, has never inspired me more.

This was an atmosphere much different than registering voters or working a phone bank. It epitomized hope for the future, for doing even better in life; something the Clinton campaign has been running on since the beginning. (ThinkĀ The West Wing.) And having a role in that, even one so minor as mine, was simply inspiring.

Senator Kaine gave a speech further proving the obvious: that Hillary Clinton must be elected president, and that when in office, she shall be an incredible one.

I have found my passion in law and politics, but what is yours? Be sure to get involved, and truly chase what it is you believe! And vote for Hillary, of course.